Root Canal

The Dental Specialists Offer In-House Endodontic Therapy

Have you seen another dentist for treatment only to find out that they wanted to send you somewhere else for your root canal? The Dental Specialists offer complete root canal therapy right here in our family dental office. There’s no need to pay for a specialist visit and see someone you don’t know; you’ll be able to have all of your oral health care needs taken care of right here!


When Does a Tooth Need a Root Canal?


If damage such as trauma or tooth decay has affected the nerve tissue inside of a tooth, the tooth will begin to die. This places the patient at risk for infection, pain, and damage to other parts of their mouth. Root canals remove the infected or damaged nerve tissue and seal-off the nerve chamber so that no more damage can result. Some of the most common reasons a root canal is performed are due to:

  • Tooth abscesses
  • Deep cavities
  • Trauma or evidence of a non-vital tooth
  • Replacement of large restorations
  • Severe sensitivity
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