Sedation Dentistry

Certified Sedation Specialists Keep You Comfortable

Sedation dentistry is an excellent option for just about anyone. Whether you’re seeing us for a standard dental procedure or require a surgical treatment, sedation dentistry puts your mind at ease and keeps you comfortable.

Some of the biggest benefits of our sedation options allow you to:

  • Complete all of your treatment during one appointment
  • “Tune out” what’s going on around you
  • Ensure complete comfort throughout the entire procedure
  • Overcome anxieties or fears that prevent you from having a healthy smile

There are 3 types of sedation dentistry available.


IV Sedation – Complete anesthesia delivered through an IV. It provides a quick onset and is cut off as soon as the treatment is completed, allowing patients to come out of anesthesia quickly. IV sedation is the deepest form of safe sedation available in our office.


Nitrous Oxide – Laughing gas can be added onto nearly any dental procedure. Patients are fully conscious but experience a relaxed sensation that calms nerves and makes them more comfortable. Effects are completely reversed within 5 minutes and it is safe to drive yourself back home or to work after receiving nitrous oxide.


Sedation Dentistry The Dental SpecialistsOral Sedation – Using a prescription sedative, oral sedation provides 4 to 5 hours of a sedated effect that makes patients feel as if they are sleeping.

Sedation is an excellent option for anyone! Call us today to find out which sedation dentistry treatment is best for you or your family member.

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