Broken Tooth

How to Save a Broken Tooth

A broken or chipped tooth can happen at any time. It may be when you’re riding your bike and accidentally fall; your child hits their knee during a jump on the trampoline, or it can happen just bumping your chin on something. No one is immune to an accidentally broken tooth, but with help from The Dental Specialists you can save your smile.


What Should You Do if Your Tooth Breaks?

  • Find the broken portion of tooth, if possible
  • Place the tooth into a cup of milk or saline
  • Call The Dental Specialists
  • Do not attempt to clean the broken piece of tooth
  • If the tooth comes out completely (as a whole), gently rinse it with water and attempt to place it back into the mouth

The Dental Specialists will make every effort to accommodate you as quickly as possible. The sooner treatment is sought out, the more likely the damaged tooth can be saved. If damage is too severe, we will help alleviate any discomfort that you may be experiencing and provide you with restorative options that preserve your smile.

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