Dental Crowns

Full Coverage Crowns Protect Weak and Damaged Teeth

The Dental Specialists provide porcelain crowns that repair damaged teeth as they strengthen your smile. When are crowns needed?

  • After root canal therapy
  • When teeth have been severely fractured
  • On teeth with large restorations
  • When repairing large cavities

Crowns can be made of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or gold. The Dental Specialists conduct a custom shade-matching process that ensures your permanent crown matches your natural teeth as closely as possible, making your crown not only a restorative treatment, but a cosmetic one as well.


Your Crown Treatment


Most of our crown treatments require two appointments to complete. During the first visit, we will remove the damaged tooth surface and prep the tooth for supporting a crown. After an impression is made, a temporary restoration is placed over the tooth. Within two weeks, your custom made permanent crown is ready for delivery.


This second appointment is relatively short and simply involves bonding the crown into place over the prepped tooth. Caring for your crown is easy – simple brushing and flossing along with preventive care with The Dental Specialists twice each year is all you need to keep your smile stronger for years to come.

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