Injured Teeth

Managing Tooth Related Injuries

Teeth can be injured from trauma, disease, and accidents. The most important choice you make can save your smile. If you’ve injured a tooth, you need to call The Dental Specialists immediately.


What Types of Dental Injuries Require Care?


Injured teeth are often caused by trauma or accidents like:

  • Sports or recreational activities
  • Automobile accidents
  • Falling
  • A blow to the face by a foreign object
  • Using the teeth to open containers

Protecting the inner nerve is one of the most important steps when treating an injured tooth. Nerve damage could cause bone loss, tooth mobility, or abscesses if not addressed in a timely manner. Even if symptoms are not present, the damage may already be done.


Injured teeth may show immediate symptoms or take months before signs of injury are present. Under the close care of The Dental Specialists, you can protect your smile and limit the amount of treatment needed later on. If you’ve experienced an injury to your mouth or teeth, call us to schedule an exam and x-rays as quickly as possible.

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