If you have tooth decay that causes you pain and embarrassment, you may be wondering about your options for getting it repaired. At other dentists, you could end up with a mouth full of silver fillings. These would fill the cavities, but leave you feeling less than satisfied with your smile. Did you know that over one billion metal fillings will need replacing in the next decade? At the Dental Specialists, there’s a better way: CEREC. With CEREC, we can help you get back the strength and beauty of your teeth, so you can feel confident and vibrant again. This method of restoring teeth has been surpassing metal fillings since 1987, with tooth-colored ceramic materials that are discreet and extremely durable. Don’t let pain from decay or clunky metal fillings make you hide your smile. With CEREC and just one visit to the dentist, you could have the smile you’ve been dreaming of.


Preparing for the CEREC procedure is easy, and can be done in just a few minutes. Your dentist will take a look at the teeth that need attention, examining them to decide whether or not this treatment will be appropriate. At the Dental Specialists, our dentists have the experience and knowledge to guide you towards the procedures that will benefit you the most, from a filling to a full crown. Next, the dentist will provide you with an anesthetic, so that you can have the tooth restored without pain or discomfort. He or she will then remove the decayed tissue, so that the next steps can be taken.


When preparation of the teeth has been completed, an impression will need to be taken so that your restoration is guaranteed to be a perfect fit. You may have had impressions taken before, gagging while being forced to endure all of the messy “goop” and uncomfortable hardware involved. Forget about finding bits of dried goop on your skin, clothes, or hair later, or feeling nauseous from the overwhelming smell and taste. You won’t believe how easy impressions are at the Dental Specialists. Our dentists only have to coat your teeth with a tasteless, non-toxic powder, and take a digital picture of them. This takes only a few minutes, and involves no unpleasant goop or hardware.


By now, you know that CEREC is a revolutionary, pain-free procedure for performing tooth restorations, in just one visit. But what does CEREC stand for?


Chairside : This technology can be utilized all while you are sitting in the chair! It is in the office, so you don’t need to be referred anywhere else.


Economical : The procedure is economical for both dentist and patient, creating a long-lasting solution so you don’t have to keep spending money and wasting time on multiple visits.


Restoration : CEREC restores your teeth to their former strength and beauty, with incredible durability and no clunky metal fillings.


Esthetic : These fillings can be matched perfectly to the shade of your teeth, and are entirely ceramic.


Ceramic : High-strength ceramic material is used for restorations, ensuring a perfect fit to your natural teeth in both strength and appearance.


As an advanced dental restorative system, your dentist can restore teeth covered in decay that cause discomfort, place crowns, remove defective fillings, or place gorgeous, durable veneers in just one visit. At the Dental Specialists, you won’t have to worry about time or money, because we know that you deserve the highest quality, most natural-appearing dental restorations that can be placed in just one visit to the dentist.

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After the impression is taken, your dentist will use the CEREC machine to create the perfect restoration for your needs. Utilizing revolutionary 3D software, your dentist can take the digital image taken from your impression, and turn it into a virtual 3D model that can be viewed on a computer screen. The program allows your dentist to design a restoration that will fit perfectly to the tooth, creating a result that appears as natural as your tooth’s former appearance. The CEREC computer program only takes a few minutes to complete, and with just a click of a button, the designed restoration data can be sent to a milling machine that is in-office. The milling machine makes the tangible restoration, so that it can be placed in your mouth. A block of ceramic that matches the shade of your tooth is placed into the milling machine, and in twenty minutes or less, the process is complete. The tooth-colored, all ceramic restoration is placed in your mouth to ensure the fit is flawless, and then can be polished and bonded to the tooth. Make temporaries and multiple visits a thing of the past. We can restore your teeth in just one appointment, without any hassle.


Although it may sound intimidating, the acquisition unit is actually just a mobile, medical grade computer, and the CEREC camera. This equipment is used when your dentist takes the digital picture of your teeth during the impression phase of the procedure. No more gagging, and no more “goop.” The software converts the picture to a virtual 3D model of your tooth, and your dentist can design the appropriate restoration right on the screen. With CEREC software, your dentist can design anything from a crown, filling (inlay), partial crown (onlay), to veneers. This processes only takes a few minutes, and when the design process is complete, your dentist will send the information wirelessly to the in-office milling unit to be created.


When the design for the restoration is done, a ceramic block that matches the shade of the tooth is placed in the milling machine where it is carved into the right shape and size. This process takes less than twenty minutes. Afterwards, your dentist will polish the piece and bond it into place.

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