Sleep Apnea Treatment

Stopping Sleep Apnea Where it Starts

What if there was a way to naturally enhance the function of your airway without the use of invasive CPAP equipment?


Well, there is!

The Dental Specialists are partners with your sleep doctor, providing an alternative sleep apnea treatment that allows patients to improve their oxygen flow while experiencing deeper, quality sleep each night.


An Oral Sleep Apnea Device Provides Results the Very First Day Using a model of your mouth, The Dental Specialists can create a custom oral device that positions your jaws in such a way that the airway is kept open when you’re laying down to rest. This same technique is used for rescue breathing during CPR. By gently guiding the jaw forward, the soft tissues at the back of the mouth are prevented from collapsing against one another and sealing off the airway.


Most of our patients experience results on the very first night. Since the device is held in place over your teeth, you can turn or sleep in any position that is comfortable to you. Call The Dental Specialists to find out more about this unique treatment.

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