Fixed Dental Bridges Offer Reliable Tooth Replacement

When you’re missing a tooth, it impacts:

  • How your smile looks
  • Your ability to chew food
  • Other teeth shifting out of place

Fixed dental bridges provide a reliable, economical way to replace one or two missing teeth at a time. Bridges are like having a false crown suspended between two functional crowns that are anchored onto the neighboring support teeth.


The Dental Bridge Treatment Process With The Dental Specialists Dental bridge treatments usually require two visits. At the first appointment the neighboring teeth are prepped and an impression is taken. Using this mold, our lab creates a permanent restoration that is usually ready within two weeks. At the second visit the bridge is permanently bonded into place.


Your dental bridge looks and functions just like real teeth. Not only does it restore function to your smile, but it also prevents other teeth from drifting out of place or opposing teeth from super-erupting. If you’re missing a tooth you should see The Dental Specialists about your tooth replacement options as soon as possible to limit the impact that missing teeth have on your smile.

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