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CEREC, One-Visit Dentistry

john Maher - Sunday, September 27, 2015

CEREC is an acronym that stands for “Chairside,” “Economical,” “Restorations,” “Esthetic,” and “Ceramic.” “Chairside" refers to the technology that your dentist can operate right next to you, while you’re in their office chair. “Economical” represents how economical the procedure is for both you and your dentist. “Restorations” refers to CEREC’s ability to restore your tooth’s former strength and beauty. CEREC is “Esthetic” because all restorations are a tooth-colored ceramic, instead of a noticeable metal. Finally, “Ceramic” refers to CEREC’s use of only the highest strength ceramic materials. The CEREC procedure is advanced in it’s ability to provide restorative dental service. The CEREC Acquisition Unit is mobile, contains the highest quality medical-grade computer, and specialized camera. By using CEREC, your dentist can restore previously decayed teeth, apply veneers, apply crowns, and remove bad fillings. With precision and high quality service as every dentist’s main priorities, using the CEREC ensures that your dental team can perform at their highest level. 

If the CEREC procedure is right for you, your dentist will first examine your tooth/teeth in order to decide which treatment is most fitting. An anesthetic will be administered to remove the tooth tissue that is weak or decayed. Next, your dentist will take quick and easy optical impressions of the tooth/teeth, instead of bombarding your mouth with a tray full of goopy material. Optical impressions involve covering the tooth/teeth with a completely tasteless powder, and taking digital pictures with an intraoral camera. The CEREC machine is then used to harness 3D software and create a virtual model of the picture. Your dentist can utilize this 3D image to design the restoration of your teeth. After just a few minutes, he or she will send the information to a separate machine, which will create your restoration in only ten to twenty minutes. It is then bonded and polished, with no need for a temporary solution or multiple trips. Talk to your dentist today to find out if the CEREC procedure is right for you, so that you can experience restorative dentistry with ease, comfort, and more convenience.

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